Welcome to Richard Leeds International! 7.1.16

Why hello there!

I'm Lauren, a 22 year-old transplant from Ohio to New York City. I  just graduated from college with  a degree in fashion merchandising and knew I had to get back to the city after interning here last summer. New York is something magical! I searched high and low for the perfect job, and finally found my home here at Richard Leeds International: an amazing sleepwear manufacturer responsible for many of the designs you see in stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Hot Topic, JC Penney, and more.

Here at RLI I am the social media marketing specialist. That's a long, fancy way of saying I run all of the social accounts and online communications for the company! This is exactly what I wanted to do when I thought about what my dream job after college would be. Social Media is an amazing part of our every day lives, uniting people across the globe. It's an exciting, fast paced world that never stops binging with new tweets, comments, likes, and messages even after the office lights dim at the end of the day.

I think what I love most about social media though is the connection it provides all of us with. A connection to share our passion, emotion, and excitement about things we love and want to spread the word about. I hope I can bring that connection to you all on Richard Leed's social media platforms. A place where we can freely express our love for pajamas, the need for a strong cup of coffee, and the most amazing feeling it is to have a sleepover with your very best friends.

I'll be writing a personal post once a week on here about how I'm adjusting to life in NYC and learning the ropes here at Richard Leed's. Plan on seeing lots of other content like fashion lookbooks, behind the scenes peeks here at the HQ, wishlists, helpful guides, guest posts, and contests, too. You all are on this journey with me, so always feel free to let me know what you'd like to see.

Let's make all our dreams visible.

Lauren Pfieffer